Undergraduate Degree Program

Undergraduate Admission

The system for the acceptance of students in all of the universities in Kurdistan Region is centralized. The students are accepted with the help of the Centralized Directorate. This directorate is part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The students applies to the desired Department via a computerized application site called Zankho Line. The selection of a given faculty or College Depends on the students graduation degrees at the high school. This process is only available for a high school graduates and they will be accepted in the Universities and Institutions in the Region of Kurdistan. Therefore, the University of Zakho accepts students annually to all of their Scientific Departments. After their acceptance in this process the students are obliged to connect with the General Registration Directorate in the University of Zakho for their certainty of approval in desired Scientific Department. Furthermore, the students from outside of Zakho are given accommodations by the Directorate of Dormitory. After this process, the students joint the scientific program of the nominated Department in the University of Zakho at no cost.

Registration's Requirements

Acceptance of students in the University of Zakho


How can I register in the University of Zakho?

In the University of Zakho, every one can register by using Zanko Line website.

What are the requirements for registration?

The requirements for registration in the University of Zakho are aforementioned in the Registration's Requirements section of this page.

How can I find the details of each degree awarded by the University?

You can see the details of each degree awarded by visiting the following websites: